Men and Weight Loss Surgery: Lose the weight, keep it off with these simple strategies

If you are a man who has had weight loss surgery or is considering having it done soon, then this blog post is for you. Bariatric Men's Coaching specializes in helping men lose weight and keep it off after bariatric procedures. 45% of men gain the weight back within two-three years of their surgery!


Bariatric Men's Coaching also helps other men who are thinking about getting the procedure by coaching them before they have the surgery to cope with both the mental and physical aspects of going through with it.


Bariatric Men's Coaching is about creating a new relationship with food, family, friends and yourself after weight loss surgery.


One of the first things Bariatric Men's Coaching does is help men work through their mental barriers to weight loss. Bariatric procedures are not just physical changes but they also involve changing your lifestyle habits which include what you eat and how often you exercise.


Bariatrics can be hard on relationships because people who surround us in our lives may have different reactions when we change eating patterns or lose weight. Bariatric Men's coaching helps men address these challenges before proceeding with surgery so that it will be easier for them afterward as well as make healthier choices without feeling like they're missing out on anything by making those necessary life decisions.


Alongside, it is also important to change your habits, in order to keep the weight off for good.


Bariatrics can be a life-changing event for men. Bariatric Men's coaching helps them to take a step back and look at the big picture of their lives so that they may make these decisions before surgery, which are beneficial in both the short and long term.


I help men keep their weight off after having Bariatric surgery (Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Lap Band). I also coach men who are thinking about it by giving them information & resources so they know what is happening with their bodies as well as how this change will affect their relationships.


Before making any decision on whether or not you should have Bariatric Surgery there are things you need to consider such as: do you want your family members involved etc. Get in touch with me when making this life-changing decision.

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